FW24 Collection

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a vibrant fusion of vintage cartoon aesthetics, distressed denim, and lively plaids.

Cartoon-Inspired Nostalgia:

Drawing inspiration from the nostalgic color tones of vintage cartoons, FW24 collection is a visual journey into the whimsical and vibrant world of animated classics. The pieces pay homage to the playful palettes that adorned beloved characters, bringing a touch of retro-chic to contemporary clothes.

Key Elements:

Distressed Denim: The RTW collection introduces a captivating range of distressed denim pieces that exude a casual yet edgy charm. Each garment is a testament to taottao's dedication to pushing the boundaries of conventional denim design.

Plaids from the Cartoon Palette: Playful plaids take center stage in the collection, with colors drawn directly from the wash-out palettes of vintage cartoons. These lively patterns infuse a sense of fun and nostalgia into each carefully crafted piece.